What can we do for you?

Meanwhile, bARK today has grown into a team of experts who can advise and assist you. In addition, we boast a very broad network of experts with whom we enjoy working.

You can contact us for:

  • First-line legal advice before and after land purchase
  • Organizational structure and possible corporate forms
  • Design of ‘edible greenery’ with special focus on ‘inclusive design’ and accessibility
  • Edible greenery in the city and urban agriculture
  • Pathway supervision of projects before or after startup
  • Crisis management of existing projects
  • Cocreation and participation pathways
  • Workshops and team building events
  • Customized training and education

Its unique structure also allows new projects to start up under the bARK wings.
That way we share the our own non-profit organization structure and administration (accounting, insurance,…)
and communication toolkit (website, newsletter, etc.) and it becomes easier to get started.

Contact us for more information

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