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True green fingers need just one coffee to fly back in anyway.

A detailed report of our Barcelona trip where we went to pick up our European Edible Cities Award will, of course, follow. But we still didn’t want to drop our regular time every 2 weeks on Sunday. So on Sunday, March 19, 2023, we were faithfully on post for a coffee chat but as you can see when our green fingers are itchy … they fly in anyway.
The gnomes had also provided another surprise. Our Matexi Award now also has an official spot, and that was just the beginning.

Sometimes you have to watch what you dream but in honor of Willy Keymeulen, we wanted to give the mulberry a prominent place as well. It has become a black mulberry and a beautiful basalt stone. Anyway, Aalst now also has its own “mini stonehenghe.

The basalt stone is an ode to artist Joseph Beuys, whose artwork began with the planting of 7,000 oaks with a basalt stone.

We will tell more about Beuys later. But those who can’t wait can already find some reading material here.

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