Cities in full transition. A look at Blue City Rotterdam.

Many cities and towns are aware that they must commit to a vision for the future to keep a city livable and habitable. Rotterdam went a step further with the Blue City project, building a “mini-city” within a city. I am just copying some writing from their website. But let it inspire you.

At former Tropicana, the pioneers of the circular economy are gathering. A dynamic community of like-minded entrepreneurs is thriving, attracting visitors from all over the world. Since 2015, BlueCity has evolved from empty swimming pool to hub of the circular economy in the city and region.

Today we are Anno 2022 BlueCity is a model city for the circular economy, where entrepreneurial minds meet and develop concrete action perspectives, whether it’s increasing your impact, zero waste living or developing a future proof material.

On my wish list to visit.

It’s funny but I live in an old pool myself so it all sounds familiar. But I’ll definitely try to go langst too soon?
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From pool to model city.

On Oct. 7, 2015, impact investor Wouter Veer purchased the Tropicana property, kicking off BlueCity. At the time, the “circular economy” was still mostly a theory, but we were already getting started. After five years of circular construction, the building is a landing spot for sustainable entrepreneurs: here they grow an innovative idea from cute to scale.

With this, Rotterdam has regained its icon on the Maas: our circular model city is a tangible and accessible symbol of the new economy, where knowledge and skills are displayed and exchanged.

Visitors and companies from all over the world come to see how the new economy is taking shape; in our meeting spaces and at the bottom of the wave pool they are guaranteed to be inspired, and from our halls and studio we organize on- and offline events that give them the tools to change – both for their business and in their own lives.

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