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Smuljungle Aalst in action at the State of the Region

Avansa brought together on 5 May 2022 everyone in the Flemish Ardennes or Denderstreek who pushes (or pulls) the cart for

  • a more inclusive and connected society,
  • a more sustainable region for everyone
  • and the reinforcement of residents in the field of empowerment, resilience and media literacy.

Their aim of exchanging information, stimulating inspiration and meeting between committed citizens, organizations and associations has already been achieved.
The reception was great thanks to Netwerk Aalst.
A lot of new ideas to work together have resulted from. Too much to mention but keep June 25th free in your agenda…. Are you curious???

Smuljungle launches Citystories

In the meantime, we gratefully take the opportunity to launch Citystories.

Of course we are also curious about what your dreams are for that fantastic place. That’s why surf along with the research project of VRT Innovation and the KU Leuven† Take a walk to our delicious jungle and scan one of the posters with the QR code…. enjoy…. Let us know what you think. Who is looking…..The CityStory research project was the result of a collaboration between BUUR part of Sweco, KU Leuven, Bits of Love, StudioDott, NXP, Legind Technologies and VRT and is supported by the Flemish Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and ITEA
You can find our posters on the place to be….
Address: Marktweg 20 Aalst Thanks to our poster stickers on duty

Or via this link.

Here are some pictures of our Smuljungle fans in action courtesy of Pamajot.

Smuljungle Fans 2
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