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Let us hear from you. What do you dream for nature in our Smuljungle?

Some call it a food forest. We call it a Smuljungle because we believe that there is room for tasty fruit trees, berries, nuts and tasty perennials in every garden. Together we make Sint-Job the tastiest place in Aalst. Connecting people with nature and with each other, that’s what we’re all about.

At the moment we are still fully involved, but sooner or later that place will also be all yours. That’s why we want to hear what your dreams are for that ‘Food Jungle’. Or even better what nature dreams through you?

We think it’s great that we can gratefully use Citystories for this. The interactive platform that was created thanks to research by the KU Leuven Research[x]Design Lab and VRT innovation.
So if you see a poster on the street or at a window with a QR code.
Scan that trade. Or just go and take a look right away.

Have fun and we hope to see you on the other side.

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