Urban Farm Collective

Urban Farm Collective

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Urban Farm Collective is an organization that focuses on community building through neighborhood gardening. However, unlike so-called Community Gardens, the Urban Farm Collective does not maintain a garden itself. Rather, it is a network of different neighborhood gardens. UFC has developed its own monetary system that rewards the volunteers. With that coin (the Barter Buck) the volunteers can buy their own food in the Barter Market, which is a market where the crops from all UFC gardens are sold.

In addition, UFC wants to ensure that they grow twice as much food than is needed for sale in the Barter Market. The intention is that the remaining harvest will be donated to food banks.

However, the goal of UFC is to harvest twice as much as the community needs. The remaining food is donated to the food banks.

The Urban Farm Collective consists of 12 community gardens spread across Portland. The Barter Market continues every Monday evening in the parking lot of St Andrew Catholic Church in Portland.


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