Food forest Nieuwe Erven

Food forest Nieuwe Erven

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Our food forest was created in 2017 as a pilot from the Food and Landscape transition table of the Cleantech Region. After making a joint design in the autumn, a first big planting day was organized in December 2017. From that moment onwards, volunteers work in the food forest every Saturday (and also during the week). Together with the municipality, they ensure an even more beautiful and complete food forest. The food forest covers 3 hectares and is located in the new Elzenbos residential area.

Co creation
The municipality of Brummen consciously chooses to design this public space together with its residents as a food forest park. From the design phase, but also during implementation and later in management, the resident and the municipality play an equal role in the development of the area. This makes Food Forest Nieuwe Erven an innovative initiative that provides experiences that inspire other municipalities.

Not just for people!
The food forest contains many edible and supportive useful species. When the harvest is ripe, you can pick something here. We create a place for plants, trees, animals and people. That sometimes looks more exciting and adventurous than parks designed mainly for people.

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