Eetbos Deinze

Eetbos Deinze

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We are newcomers to the agricultural sector. Before we started on this project, we were active in the medical technology sector. There too we noticed that real innovation invariably comes from outside the sector.

Climate and ecology have been a concern for us for a long time and we realized that current food supply practices make a major contribution to climate and environmental issues.

We wondered if there really was no other way …

A period of study and deepening followed, and … we decided that we already believe that things can be done differently! The next step is of course to demonstrate this in practice, and that’s where our adventure begins.

The next phase was one of design and planting, with inspiration mainly from permaculture, food forestry and syntropical agriculture. In the spring of 2021 we will be ready to receive the first visitors and to sell the first harvest.

We believe it is important to scientifically document experimental agricultural initiatives in order to disseminate new knowledge. Universities and colleges are therefore welcome in the Eetbos.

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