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Is a food forest economically viable?

In the Netherlands, of course, they are already a step ahead. If you ask Wouter Van Heck I think he will agree that you are talking about at least 5 hectares and 20 years. Especially the side activities usually make a food forest affordable/feasible.
Now of course you have food forests, agroforestry with or without animals and everything in between. From short chain sales to supplying larger stores…. Still, reflect before you begin is the message.

Some realism

Wouter Van Teeffelens himself grew up on a mixed farm with fruit growing as the main branch in the Netherlands. He was always great lover of fruit crops in his own garden and his own orchard. Since 1988 he has been working as a consultant in fruit farming with his own fruit farming activities. Today he works at Wageningen Economic Research but in addition is also active as a Self Picking orchardist.
He also conducts workshops around the economic model around food forests.

When it comes to “Short Chain” advice, there are a few organizations in Flanders that you can turn to. Steunpunt Korte Keten is one of them. We were fortunate to hear Bart Thoulen speak. Your head does go a bit dizzy when you hear all the game rules. The legislation is quite complicated. How could it be otherwise when food safety is involved.
Still, it’s a tangle and definitely seek advice before you start. You can also get advice and guidance from Ilvo .
In the Netherlands, “Food from the Woods” in particular is a real pioneer. With useful tips and real business models.

Would you like to discuss your project? Please get in touch. Then we will guide you further on your way.

Valorizing ecosystem services is the future?

I am a strong advocate of not only looking at the ‘harvest’ as a possible yield, but also at the added value/profit in terms of biodiversity.
Unfortunately, we are now only looking at ‘Carbon’ yield to valorize it sooner or later but that is still developing.

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