Experimental garden agroforestry

In the Agroforestry Noord-Holland living lab, the Louis Bolk Institute works together with the Clusius College, the Province of Noord-Holland and the Nature and Environment Federation Noord-Holland.

In Belgium or we should say in Flanders, Agroforestry Vlaanderen can provide you with a lot of tips and advice. Here the emphasis is on food production. They want to encourage farmers to abandon monoculture. Of course, such a step was not taken in 1,2,3. They guide everyone who wants to taste and learn from it.

For the sake of completeness, we also give you the Walloon & Brussels link . Then you’re all set. Officially it is called ‘l’Association pour la promotion de l’agroforesterie en Wallonie et à Bruxelles. Because Belgium wouldn’t be Belgium if the rules and laws were slightly different there.

In the Netherlands you have the Proeftuin Agroforestry Noord-Holland, the website of Natuur en Milieufederatie Noord-Holland . They organized a web symposium that you can view below.

Now fast forward to minute 9.

But Evert Prins also nicely explains what Agroforestry is. (34 mins)

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