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Yoohoo, the Smuljungle is nominated!!! Will you vote?

This year Matexi is organizing the Matexi Award for the seventh time.

Both local governments and individuals could submit a project that strengthens the bond between neighbors and enhances the livability of neighborhoods. In addition to the award for the most connecting initiative, there is also the award for the greenest initiative. In both, we award a jury prize and audience award. The prize pool includes as much as €20,000.
At a festive awards show on Thursday evening, Nov. 24, they put the 20 laureates in the spotlight. This is how Matexi awards the many Belgians who put their heart and soul into their neighborhoods.
But it hasn’t reached that point yet. First, of course, we need to recruit some votes. We hope for your support. Share on social and vote away. Tip… do you have multiple email addresses? 🙂
Mercikes in advance.

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