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Too much greenhouse gas

Greenhouse gases are gasses in the atmosphere of planet earth or another planet with the ability to absorb heat radiation and gradually release it in all directions. Since the industrial revolution, the quantity has been greenhouse gas in the atmosphere soared.

A too much of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere has profound consequences: from melting ice sheets to extreme weather conditions. Regardless, the increase or decrease in precipitation and sea levels will rise. It is getting used to long droughts and heavier storms. But either we pretend nothing is wrong or we admit that the ‘weather’ is not the same as it used to be. Research in 2019 in Flanders showed that in about 22.7% of the forest fish of the trees the forest vitality is damaged. The pedunculate oak, Corsican pine and American oak are particularly hard hit.

Did you know that in Flanders, thanks to our gardens, we could retain about 901,712 tonnes of Co2 more?

Under the guise, many little ones make something big, that means that we can actually do something ourselves. Because we are in charge of those gardens ourselves. High time to revive our garden and also the earth. By focusing on more biodiversity.


Mowing the grass a little less is a first step. But we can do even more. Suppose we turn our garden into a ‘food forest’. A place that is buzzing with life but also gives life by producing food. And the great thing about it … it is much less labor intensive than maintaining a vegetable garden or turf.

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