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Official opening of the Stiemerhub in Genk. spreads its wings

On April 30, Genk will open the doors of a brand new Stiemerhub. The Stiemerhub wants to be a place where many partners want to bring people closer to nature.

From 2 pm to 6 pm we have a very diverse program for everyone.

– The Garden Rangers take children on a garden safari
– Natuurpunt Genk takes you barefoot to the Stiemerbeek
– Plant shelter Genk opens its doors and gives you a workshop on plant care.
– teaches you what nature connectivity is
– The Genk cyclists’ union lets you pimp your bike with all kinds of cheerful material
– the city of Genkt tells you all about the plans for the Stiemervallei, the Stiemerhub and the Gardens of Waterschei
– Leem the band and Daniel Cardoso play nice 30-30-30 concerts
– Panita S. gives a workshop about edible nature
– And of course you can also come and eat and drink something

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