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Healthy from tree to plate

Göran is in love with chestnut trees. He once lived next to the old palace forest outside Paris where he learned to gather and roast chestnuts. Marcel loves all plants. Each flower is special and each fruit a delight. For Maja, trees are majestic powerhouses that also provide the most sustainable food. Together they grow the tastiest chestnut trees from around the world as well as special shrubs and trees with culinary qualities.

Nursery Culinary goes international

Göran starts a new tree nursery in Sweden and Maja and Marcel continue Kwekerij Culinair in Soest. Under the motto “healthy from tree to plate,” of course, we remain committed to agroforestry, food forests, your garden and, of course, a healthy earth.

Trees, healthy soil, regenerative agriculture, sustainable food chains; these are the themes in which Göran Christiansson and Marcel van Dorst found each other several years ago. With many tree planting initiatives, local food projects, education and outreach, they have become familiar faces in Soest and in the world of agricultural transition and (nut) tree growing. Or, as Göran once said, If you really want to move toward sustainable food chains in balance with what the earth can handle, you will end up with perennial food sources – food trees, that is! Nursery Culinary was born.

Warmonderhof student Maja Nijessen came into contact with Göran and the nursery during her internship at Organic Balance Farm Het Derde Erf. She was immediately sold: this is sustainable food 3.0 and this is how we bring man and nature back into balance! She helped and Göran taught her the intricacies of grafting, planting and caring for trees.

But blood creeps where it cannot go, and Göran’s dream of one day starting a tree nursery on his own land suddenly presented itself. In Sweden, his homeland. Göran has since landed high and dry on his own farm in southern Sweden. And there appears to be a lot of sweet chestnut pioneering still going on there!

Maja and Marcel are continuing the Southerner branch, so you are still welcome for all your tree and planting questions. In the coming time, the three of us will advise and assist you – from Soest and from Laholm, Sweden!

Questions? Contact via Maja: 06 19904228

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