The Smoefelpark Maldegem

The Smoefelpark Maldegem

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A part of the Sint-Annapark (Noordstraat side to bolhuisje) was transformed into Smoefelpark. Until 2014 this was a pine grove. After the felling, the municipal council, in collaboration with the non-profit organization Gemeentet, gradually transformed the plot into a tasty and educational piece of nature.

The Smoefelpark comprises two parts: on the one hand a vegetable garden and on the other hand a ‘garden of Eden’ with countless berry bushes and fruit trees. For example, we test how wild and cultivated crops, which are almost all edible for humans or animals, behave side by side.

You can safely explore the Smoefelpark, but stay on the paths: a flat-stepped soil is harmful to the root system of plants in the long term.

You can taste it, but only if you know what you are eating because not everything is edible. The city council is not responsible for accidents.

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