The Dragon Garden

The Dragon Garden

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The Dragon Garden is the family garden of Jan and Elke. This is a story of a tree boy and an earth girl.

At the edge of Tienen, you take a path, the Karelpad, the concrete slabs make you doubt, you have to be behind the wooden gate in the corner, there the croaking of frogs, the buzzing of bumblebees and the whistling of the wren rest assured. Welcome to the Dragon Garden, a garden of abundance where biodiversity and food production reinforce each other!

The Dragon Garden was created in 2009, with knowledge and background of forest edge management, food forests and permaculture. A story of abundance of fruits and vegetables, of flowers and bees in all shapes and sizes, of large trees and small shrubs and a story about a dragon…

Historically, this place was an orchard of a farm along Leuvenselaan that was parceled out after the Second World War. There are still a few old apple trees and impressive walnut trees as witnesses. The garden has been laid out as a “food forest garden” and is primarily a family garden where activities for the neighborhood are also occasionally organized. From 2022 we also want to give an educational function to our garden. You can see how to create and manage a food forest garden.

On 20 acres of Dragon Garden you will find a vegetable garden with vegetables and herbs, a conservatory, a climbing plant wall, a heat circle bordered with berry bushes, many fruit trees, both standard, half-trunk and low-stem, a willow hut, compost heaps, a chicken run, a mushroom corner, a swimming pond with filter and terrace, a large garden house and in the summer months also a covered outdoor kitchen, and above all a lot of goodies that just come out of the ground and hang from the trees…

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