Simply Canvas Farm

Simply Canvas Farm

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Simply Canvas Farm is a holiday location where you can go glamping or rent a cottage. It is located on an area of 5 hectares. The site is managed by a couple consisting of Santi, a refugee from Laos, and the Dutch Sandra.

On the one hand, the couple rents out 6 safari tents and 3 houses. On the other hand, the rest of the site has become a kind of playground for the duo, which after obtaining a Permaculture Design Certificate in 2013 because they did not know what to do with the remaining 4-hectare site. After that course, they have drawn up a multi-year plan for the 10 years.

Nowadays you can enjoy flower spirals, a small permaculture vineyard, a tea garden and a food forest. They have also built an aquaponics system and integrated a swales system into their food forest.

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