Permanent garden Hulsberg

Permanent garden Hulsberg

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Here is described our garden, which is part of our lifestyle. The garden is there for us, but also for nature. We work towards the greatest possible biodiversity. We value all life in the garden and try to feed it. We also want to produce as many vegetables, fruit, nuts, mushrooms, herbs, bee products and meat for our family as possible. Maybe others can use our garden and plants that we apply as a source of inspiration for their garden, so take advantage of it.

Monique, I (Robert), our daughters Elisabeth, Rosalinde and son Leonardo live in South Limburg on the edge of a plateau, so that the garden slopes downwards from the front of the house (around 3 meters). The garden is round 500 m2, including the balcony, driveway, paths and flat roof. Plants are also grown on the flat roof, balcony and driveway. An attempt is also being made to gain vertical space for nature.

We use some spaces up to 4 times twice, so that we certainly achieve an effective use of 1000m2.

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