Food forest Kings spindle

Food forest Kings spindle

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At the time, a working group was created from the Wijkplatform: “Sociale Moestuin Papendrecht”.

The working group has recently been converted into the “Stichting Sociale Moestuin Papendrecht”.

The purpose of this foundation is to set up and advise social vegetable gardens. This suggests that these are only vegetable gardens, but they can of course also be herb or flower gardens, or a combination of these.

The Foundation does this in consultation with local residents who have a plot in mind near their homes and have ideas about it. These can also be municipal gardens. The Foundation will consult with the municipality of Papendrecht and, in consultation with the residents, will draw up a plan for the construction of a garden and help them with this.

The Foundation also has projects running itself. These projects serve a common purpose. Such as a large school garden project or a plot for fresh vegetables destined for the Food Bank.

The working group now consists of 28 employees with different backgrounds. One is an allotment specialist, the other knows something about seeds and cuttings, employees from education, etc.

We have already set up 3 school gardens, at the SPIL on the Stellingmolen, we take care of the front garden and, in collaboration with Meta, the patio. The front garden has been set up with the help of the Green Motor Landscape South Holland.

We are currently working on a Food Forest in Papendrecht; for this we already received € 250 from the Groene-Motor.

The king spindle is a central part of a post mill that keeps the entire mechanism running. The Food Forest is a source of various organic mechanisms. Just like in the post mill, interpersonal contact, people and nature and biodiversity are set in motion; the Food Forest is the kingpin that keeps these factors going.

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