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June 25 Smuljungle celebrates (1/3)

Here comes our first little report from our Smuljungle Party.
The instigator was Curious who warmed us up to join the 100inADay action. We met them at Avansa’s State-of-the-Region event that took place in Netwerk Aalst.
The photo material is mostly from Paul our house photographer. You can admire his work here. His blessed age I keep to myself for a moment. But it’s nice to have someone so passionate about digital photography. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

Nature Connection a good start

We owe everyone a session in the forest because I didn’t get much exercise. But all the more so with these Smuljungle Fans. Wiebe who once did a viewing internship at bARK was also there. He had hitchhiked from the Couleur Café festival to Aalst. Soon he was hitchhiking back. Where is the time…

Natural Movement, it seems simple but Jutta Käller has made it her passion. We were very grateful that she was able to give us a taste of a session. Everyone was blazing with enthusiasm afterwards.

Natural Movement is a gentle -but also powerful- training based on principles and wisdom of ancient health systems like yoga, qigong, martial arts and with influences of newer methods like Feldenkrais and Natural Movement.
Breath, movement and focus are combined to stimulate energy circulation and the body’s self-healing capabilities. You can read more about it on Jutta’s website. We hope she will visit the Smuljungle many more times to come and give sessions. In any case, the spot is already reserved.
Amai I am stiff, Wiebe said afterwards. It was on his to do list from now on. More exercise…
A little later, I received a text message. The hitchhiking was successful. Couleur Café here he comes.

You can read the rest of our party report here. (2/3)

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