Cooking with the food forest!


March 28


20:00 - 22:00


Beacon Food Forest - Food Forest Collective

A cooking class for gardeners and foragers (Live Virtual Class).

It’s Spring and the plants are lifting their sleepy heads! Join me online as I take a stroll thru the food forest and gather some plants of the season and show you what’s at the food forest; then I’ll take you step by step thru 3 recipes. The most abundant plants at this time of year are greens, so I’ll gather some up and make a massaged salad, a mess of greens, an herbed rice and finish with a refreshing herbal tea as a bonus. The recipes will be posted on my website for reference @ after the class.

Along the way I’ll point out various plants coming up and talk about the food forest and how to utilize it. Are you unsure where to harvest or not sure what’s edible? This class is for you! We’ll be covering easy recipes with common plants so you’ll feel comfortable coming out and gathering, and then making fresh green recipes (or from the bounty of your own garden), as well as identifying some of the plants here.

Tickets: Cooking with the food forest! Tickets, Sun, Mar 28, 2021


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