Climate-proof city research by WUR

Wageningen scientists recently presented their vision of the city in 2120. In a hundred years’ time you will not hear cars in Arnhem, but birds, according to the researchers. In the 2020 KennisOnline Magazine, Wageningen climate expert Tim van Hattum explains how you can make countries climate-proof by building with nature.

For a long time, the focus was on technical solutions in order to cope with climate change. But nature also deserves a place at the negotiating table. We can use the power of nature to arm ourselves against extreme weather, flooding and prolonged drought. Wageningen researchers explain how.

According to Tim van Hattum, Climate Program Leader at Wageningen University & Research (WUR), we have forgotten the value of nature. While the power of nature has great potential to prepare the Netherlands, and the rest of the world, for the consequences of climate change.

Climate change and loss of biodiversity are the greatest challenges of the 21st century. To tackle these challenges, the eyes have long been mainly focused on technical solutions, says Van Hattum. “Technology is important, for the energy transition, for tackling mobility problems, but they are only part of the solution to the major challenges we face. Working together with nature, that must be the future.”

In this video, Tim van Hattum and other Wageningen researchers tell what solutions nature can offer to reduce CO₂ emissions, to tackle flooding, heat or prolonged drought, and to protect against rising sea levels.

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