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About 10% of Flanders is box and about 9% of Flanders are privately owned gardens. Lawn is the greenery par excellence for 8 out of 10 families. But that is not exactly the epitome of biodiversity. If we would breathe new life into this lawn, we would also make Mother Nature happy.
We have a lot of plans, but in Aalst they are quickly approaching. If you want to participate actively, you are already welcome because alone is only alone. We focus on sharing knowledge and many fun activities.

All benefits at a glance

Together we are even smarter…

Our online forum is all there for you. We try to provide a well-founded answer to your questions. We do this by keeping our finger on the pulse with our network of researchers and professors. There is so much ‘fake news’ to be found online. We try to separate the wheat from the chaff. If we don’t know the answer ourselves, we will find it for you. By becoming a member you get free one-on-one advice. If necessary, we will also visit you to take a pulse.

If you are not strong, you must be smart…

We regularly organize ‘online webinars ‘ so that you can discover how it works thanks to our experts.
We have set up collaborations with a lot of ‘Food Forest’ adepts not only in Belgium but all over the world. As a result, we are in direct contact with the best experts who are only too happy to pass on their knowledge. Because with two you always know more than alone.
Our members always receive a discounted rate.

Together, exchange, cuttings, purchases,…

As a member, we also try to buy, exchange or pass on smartly. The perfect food forest is one with the greatest possible diversity of trees, shrubs and plants. Sometimes it is smart to buy plants together. We work with experienced growers who know what works and what doesn’t work on Belgian trees. Buying together makes it a lot cheaper for everyone.
Nice to be a member to participate in this.

We’re going for a walk

There are a number of interesting initiatives in the near and not so close area. We organize such a trip 3 times a year as soon as Covid-19 allows. By becoming a member you participate at a discounted rate and you receive a VIP treatment on top.
Be the first to book at a discounted rate for members

Coming soon: Discount at partnership organizations

Because we believe in a ‘food forest’ community, we are also investigating how we can also get discounts on activities of friendly organizations by working together. In this way we reinforce each other’s message.
Discount for members

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