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Welcome to Have you heard about a food forest, food forest, tiny food forest, agro-forestry? We call it a Smuljungle because we believe that every patch of green space can be made more biodiverse. We are trying to get everyone excited about turning their garden, lawn, business site or vacant lot in the city into a “tasty” biodiverse garden.

But food forests come in all shapes and colors. Some people see it as a way to become self-reliant. Other people really want to farm with trees. Like a compass, aims to help both individuals, hobbyists, organizations, schools, cities municipalities or existing farmers take the plunge. Call it a little bit of a first-line care because what we want to share all our knowledge so that you become smarter yourself.

Help how do I get started?

If you want to get started yourself on a patch of land, you can come to us for tips and advice. We will then help you with advice and assistance. Sometimes we can help you right away. Sometimes it is smart to refer to other specialists. Because by now there is a lot of expertise not only in the Netherlands but also in Belgium.

Do you have a plan you want reviewed? Are you drowning in the legal framework and literally can’t see the forest for the trees. Looking for some more marketing advice? Or do you just need that little push?

We’ll manage the whole project for you

If you’re not working in your own garden but on a piece of land in the city, farmland or forest, there’s a lot to be considered. Making a plan is easy. But discovering whether you have the necessary permits for all those ideas is another matter. Above all, you want your Smuljungle to be licensed and for all your precious plantings to be allowed to remain there for future generations. Or maybe you’re looking for advice on developing your business plan because you really want to make a living at it. We can also help you with this. Then book a personal consultation first.

Community building, co-creation and participation

We are especially committed to connecting people with each other and with nature. Because only when you have a connection with that nature are you also going to take action and care for that nature. This is the foundation for anyone who wants to commit to sustainable change. Our own experimental garden in Aalst is in full construction. There we will not only build our own Smuljungle but also try out plenty of our methodology.
But this approach can also work perfectly well to fan the flames in your city or neighborhood.
Contact us and we will be happy to work out a plan tailored to your needs. If so, please send an email to

Starter package website

Of course you are proud of everything you do. But if you are not really an IT buff, such a website may be just a bridge too far. Join our Smuljungle food forest community and we will create your own page for you under our wings and you will also get your own email box. That way, you won’t have any IT worries. Has your interest been piqued? If so, please send an email to

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