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25 June Smuljungle Aalst celebrates

Time flies by so fast. It seems as if our first information session on Thursday February 3rd was more than a year ago, but nothing could be further from the truth. In the meantime, we have a crowd of real fans and 9,500 euros are ready to buy planting material and fly in in the autumn. But don’t let us wait until then to get to know each other better and do fun things together. By the way, we also want to raise a glass and thank everyone for the support.

On Saturday 25 June we already get a first chance. Thanks to Curieus, we have been selected as one of the 101 organizations that they help to highlight. This is part of an international project to connect people. Let that be our thing for now.

Saturday 25 June
Location: At the Smuljungle in Aalst near Marktweg 20 in Aalst.
The delicious jungle is great, we meet at the chestnuts at the bottom of the cycle path.
For all activities we ask you to register so that we know how many we are. You choose whether you do everything or just join whenever you want.

  • 10:00 to 11:00 : Mindfulness in nature
    Choose either a forest bathing session or a natural exercise session. Ideal to relax and enjoy the rest of the day completely zen.
  • 13:30 to … Bike tour with Bart Backaert
    Bart Backaert, the green pioneer of the city of Aalst, takes us in tow by bicycle and shows us the magical places of Aalst. Wear conspicuous clothing and possibly a safety helmet.
    Departure is planned at the Smuljungle at the height of the chestnut trees at the bottom of the cycle path.
  • Network Aalst is expected to end just before the closure due to major renovations.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? An idea to make a contribution or offer something nice. Then let us know.

The Tasty Jungle Team

Forest baths or natural exercise
Zero Wast Picnic
Exploring Aalst with Bart Backaert

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