Why is mold so important?

There are those moments in your life that change course. For me it was the realization that one ‘google search’ consumes as much energy as a 1 km journey with an electric car. I had just finished a day of online research. So finding as much information as possible under one roof will save a lot of energy anyway. That is why we want to share all knowledge in one place as much as possible.

At Marc Siepman, the change of course was created by Charles Eisenstein. We will tell you about this later. But Marc has since become a highly sought after soil expert.

“My wife and I do what we think is important, what we like and what gives us energy. People who appreciate what we do give us a donation. ” During a permaculture training, Marc Siepman became fascinated by the importance of a healthy soil. As many people as possible should know that! But how? The former website builder decided to start offering courses of its own – for free. This is how Marc developed into a traveling soil expert and an advocate of a gift economy. Reading Charles Eisenstein , eco-philosopher and advocate of the gift economy, inspired him on this new path.

Mark Siepman

Marc Siepman explains the benefits of a food forest by examining the soil on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. Untreated soil, which is covered with leaves, etc. gives the soil life the opportunity to increase the organic matter content. In this way, fungi can form large networks so that nutritional elements can be exchanged over a greater distance. The food forest is a production system where the benefits of the natural forest go together with food production and biodiversity.

We will definitely put Marc on our list for a lecture.

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