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Heart of Merode in Laakdal, will be the first ‘Springland farm’. The new cooperative has a completely different starting point than Bright Futures’ regretted communal land. But the socio-ecological objectives are very similar. So expect just as much food forest, cultural and educational side activities and a large community that will be connected to the farm!

This is a unique opportunity for farmers who want to make a long-term commitment to – and care for – a beautiful place where they can live, work and build a community with customers.

Become a farmer on the first Lenteland farm!
heart of the Merode – Laakdal

Together with Lenteland and the current administrator, you as a farmer develop your own plan with regenerative agriculture and side activities. As an entrepreneur you become an active director of the cooperative and you have creative freedom, control and responsibility within all domains that are relevant to you. Which functions are developed depends on your preferences and what is allowed and possible locally and what fits. It is clear that all activities:

  • contribute to building soil, restoring biodiversity and increasing life
  • contribute to community building and inspiration
  • contribute to the economic model that supports the farm
  • reinforce each other!

As a farmer, you have the most important place within the cooperative. You will receive sufficient support for the start-up of the company. You also get security when it comes to your basic necessities: a house in the yard and, if necessary, income support, as long as the farm is not yet making a profit. Furthermore, the cooperative feels like your own company. You have the creative freedom to undertake, within the common intention of the Lenteland model. If profit is made, it will be split fairly between you and the investors. After the start-up, you look – supported by Lenteland – in the local “crowd” for refinancing, with which the ownership of the farm slowly shifts to the community.

Do you want to read more about it? Then take a look at the website of Bright Futures or help spread the word.

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