Utrecht creates a food forest in a residential area

It’s great how the municipality of Utrecht thinks ahead. These kinds of connecting projects only make us happy. But companies are also increasingly focusing on ‘Corporate Food Forests’ in order to invest in’ corporate culture. But that’s a different story of course. Discover there here more about.

Utrecht will have a food forest in the middle of a residential area. The food forest will be more than 15,000 m2 in size and will be located in the Rijnvliet residential area in Leidsche Rijn. Public space in Rijnvliet is also designed on the basis of the food forest principle: wherever possible, trees and plants that bear edible fruit, for example. The fact that a food forest is fully integrated into a residential area is a first for the Netherlands and unique in Europe. Today the plan for the development of the central food forest has been announced. It will be a place where nature, games and education will soon come together for the entire neighborhood.

The plan was drawn up in response to Alderman Kees Geldof’s wish to involve current residents of Rijksstraatweg and future residents of Rijnvliet in the design and layout of the public space in the new district. Or how thinking about the future together pays off.

Establishment of a central food forest
In addition to lots of greenery, the central food forest will also provide space for playing and recreation. The historic neighborhood orchard has been integrated into the plan. It will retain its open character and will have a football field with a grandstand. Local residents can gather here and have a picnic, for example. There will also be (water) play areas and the Rijnvliet primary school will have an outdoor classroom where students can learn about nature. At the beginning of next year, the construction of the northern part of the central food forest, which borders the primary school and the Metal Cathedral, will start.

Rijnvliet, the edible residential area
The residents of Rijksstraatweg and Metal Cathedral came up with the idea of creating a food forest in Rijnvliet. A special concept for the public space has been developed together with the municipality: the edible residential area with a central food forest. At the end of 2019, the sketch design for the central food forest was presented to the residents of Rijnvliet, Rijksstraatweg and Kindcentrum Rijnvliet. The responses and comments that were retrieved have been used for the final design of the food forest.

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