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Our approach is unique.
The basic principle is a maintenance-friendly food forest or food garden for everyone. Regardless of how big your plot of land is. Why? We want to give everyone the opportunity to give their garden new life and we are committed to a biodiverse society

Your first step has already been taken.
We give you in 6 easy steps all the knowledge needed to get started quickly yourself. We work in a playful way and make it as simple as possible.
One learns by doing

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As a member of Bark vzw you enjoy many advantages.

Not only do you get access to our forum and many other benefits. But you also get Step 2 of our step-by-step plan for free. Measuring is knowing.

No matter how big your garden is. Anyone can revitalize their garden with this simple method.

In Step 2 you will learn why measuring your garden yourself is important.

It teaches you to look at your environment. Because there are no wrong trees, only trees that have been planted wrong. Too close to your house or that of the neighbors because there are also a few legal rules that you should respect.
Knowing getting married is measuring because only relying on an existing plan can sometimes turn out strange.

Our method is unique because we learn how to get started in a fun way.

  • Learn to rediscover your own plot of land
  • How do you measure everything in 1,2,3, …
  • Why is a visit to your municipality worth gold
  • How do I put everything on paper and prepare for the next steps

We end with a fun interactive quiz that you can play with friends or your children together.

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