Step 2: Measuring is knowing


Our approach is unique.
The basic principle is a maintenance-friendly food forest or food garden for everyone. Regardless of how big your plot of land is. Why? We want to give everyone the opportunity to give their garden new life and we are committed to a biodiverse society

In Step 2 we learn how to map your piece of land.

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With you learn 6 easy steps everything you need to create your own food forest or garden. We work in a playful way and make it as simple as possible.
One learns by doing

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No matter how big your garden is. Anyone can revitalize their garden with this simple method.

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In this second step you will learn step by step how to measure your piece of land.

Being able to make a solid plan is the basis of the creation of a food forest. But then you have to know how big your plot of land is and also learn to map everything.

Our method is unique because we learn how to get started in a fun way.

  • What about that wind direction again
  • Make your own checklist before you set out
  • How to measure your plot of land Go into the garden with your friends or your children and discover how much fun measuring your garden can be.
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