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Our digital CO2 footprint

Every search, every song or video streamed and every email sent billions of times around the world – it all contributes to an ever-increasing global demand for electricity, as well as rising CO2 emissions. Our increasing reliance on digital tools has an impact on the environment that is increasingly difficult to ignore.

We came in our search for more insights this article against.

Now someone recently said not to worry about our electricity usage. That we would quickly solve this with our ‘green’ energy.

It reminds me of my childhood. Where we went for rides on Sunday with our ‘new ford fiesta’. We had no destination. We just drove around for fun. That was new toy. My father used to ride a triporteur or cargo bike. Now I see a lot of cargo bikes on the street again.

Still others thought for a moment that covid-19 could slow things down a bit. The research is done. E uropa has researched it . Unfortunately, the reality is that we have eagerly made up for our economic stagnation by fully drawing the digital map. The digital consumption behavior of children in particular grew exponentially. Online teaching comes at a cost.

That’s why I say, let’s raise a tree over that together?
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