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Food Forest Saint Cross

In Sint-Kruis (Bruges) a group of enthusiasts has been busy creating a ...

Food forest Eemvallei South

Eemvallei Zuid is a green landscape zone of 30 hectares near Almere. ...


Food Forest Baexem

Farmer Mark Venner is also busy converting his family’s dairy farm in ...


Food Forest The Food Kingdom

The Food Kingdom is one nutrient-rich nature spot . By working with ...

Haarzuilens food forest

The food forest was born from our passions for biodiversity and food ...

Oostwaard food forest

Since the end of 2015, Food Forest Oostwaard has grown into a ...

Food forest De Meinweg estate

In 2020 we started the construction of Food forest Landgoed de Meinweg ...


The Middengaarde food forest

What do we do? Produce food in a sustainable way. Creating a ...

Food forest Breedenbroek

Our current agricultural system has a devastating effect on nature and a ...

Food forest de Woudezel 2.0

Food forest and permaculture project. Educational tours, training and workshops. Plant nursery ...


Food forest Pomona

At Pomona Puur Natuur, a cooperative forestry farm, we resolutely opt for ...

Food forest Eerbeek

Food forest Eerbeek will start on an old maize field. The edges ...


Food forest Bouwdijk

At the end of 2015, we ( entered into contact with local ...


Ketelbroek food forest

In 2009, Wouter van Eck and Pieter Jansen bought a bare corn ...


The EcoVredeGaard

The EcoVredeGaard is a multifunctional food forest consisting of a traditional orchard, ...


Food forest Stonehenge

The intention is to attract volunteers who like to help out every ...


Food forest d’n Bergh

A young food forest that we are developing, located in our own ...


Les petits semis

Les petits semis is a non-profit association based in Lobbes, Belgium. Consisting ...


Jardin D’eve

Jardin d’Eve is a meadow that has now become a permaculture garden ...

Urban Farm Collective

Urban Farm Collective is an organization that focuses on community building through ...

Wernhouts Hoeve

In 2018, Ben van den Broek and Hèlen Kroon bought a long-facade ...


The Helleborus

The Helleborus is an inn, campground and food forest. With the food ...


Simply Canvas Farm

Simply Canvas Farm is a holiday location where you can go glamping ...


Voedselbos BuitenZinnig

Doctor L.L. Zamenhoflaan 27, 3312 AX Dordrecht

Voedselbos De Groene Borg

Arenborgweg 5916 NL Venlo, Pays-Bas

Voedselbos Amersfoort

Het realiseren, onderhouden en beheren van een voedselbos aan de rand van ...

projectgebied Over de Laak 3822 Amersfoort, Pays-Bas

Voedselbos Schijdel – Hardekamp

Met dit project wil stichting Voedselbosbouw Nederland aantonen dat een bedrijfsmatige exploitatie ...

Hardekamp 8 5482 VB Schijndel, Nederland

Voedselbos Meppel

J. van Raesfeldstraat 21 8325 GR Vollenhove

Urban Food Forest at Browns Mill

Atlanta Food Forest is a “Community Urban” food forest that was established ...


CSA Plukboerderij De Grenshoeve

De Grenshoeve is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) picking farm. You can ...

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