Looking for climate trees!

We are a bit more rebellious here than some of our colleagues because we strongly believe that climate change is already in full swing and that we need to plant very smartly now.

That is to say, choosing trees that can withstand the long droughts. But help is on the way.

Limburg started with with this initiative they want to make it easier for everyone in Limburg to choose the right tree. Please note your soil is important for the right choice, but you already knew that.

Martin Hemry also says in his book ‘ the right tree for the right garden ‘to which trees are’ Heat resistant ‘. I asked him during a lecture if we can still plant the other trees. He was formal. That makes no sense because they will not survive.

In the Netherlands you can go through ‘Sustainable green center’ find lots of tips.

A little further from home in Chicago, they are also busy making a list. They call it Adaptive Planting. But for those who still have doubts. Unfortunately, a sweet chestnut is strongly discouraged.
We will keep you informed when other Belgian provinces follow.

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