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The Smuljungle 2024 gives a patch on it.

The Smuljungle is an “Edible Tasty Botanical Garden” that is freely accessible. Those who do not know the place should definitely come and take a look. The address: Marktweg 20 and then follow the bike path to St. Jacob Street. There you will already see about 115 fruit trees planted left and right. The tall and half-trunk will need to grow for a while before these trees will bear fruit, the 50 low-trunk trees will naturally produce fruit faster. But that doesn’t stop us from enjoying coming together anyway and caring for all that greenery.

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We recap our activities. Would you like to participate. Take a moment to read along and discover our wide selection. Clicking on one of the buttons will take you to a fill-in form.
That way, you can pass along which activities you would like to participate in. Do you have any suggestions?

1. Smuljungle

Onze ‘Groene Vingers’ komen één keertje per maand samen in het weekend om zorg te dragen voor de bomen en de aanplant. Er zijn ook een paar groene vingers die in de week willen samenkomen. Geef even mee wat jij het leukste vindt.
Onze eerste bijeenkomst is gepland voor zondag 25 februari vanaf 13u30. Dit was voor de meeste mensen de beste dag. We kijken ook of we in de week ook een sessie kunnen inbouwen.

2. Baking at the WZC Sint-Job

“Vegetable gardening without stooping” that is our Smulbak project at the WZC-Sint Job. Together with the nursing home residents, we will do vegetable gardening and also help shape the dementia garden. Cooking with the residents is also on the program. We meet once a month during the week. Twice a year we do activities with family and friends of the residents during the weekend.

3. Playfully Smarter with Sieglinde and Bart

Be surprised by art, culture and nature.
What how and where we will let you know but it will definitely be worth it. But those who have already experienced the magic of Sieglinde’s voice combined with the creativity of green word artist Bart

4. Chez Marcel

Wanted 10 strong men and women with a passion for wine(vines). We will stay (camp) in the Loire region in a historic villa from the 18th Century and tackle the old vineyard there, overgrown by brambles. Who knows, maybe that will be the beginning of our own wine but in any case, we want to breathe new life into this “Old Vineyard. Lodging is primitive but catering and board and lodging will be provided.
Carpooling (6h15 drive) + day 2 & day 3 deburring + day 4 vm sightseeing + nm departure.

5. Visit to the Warm Meente (Small-scale permaculture garden).

This has been on our wish list for so long but now we are really going to make it work. An ideal time to fraternize and there are certainly more such fraternization moments with other “green fingers” in Aalst on the agenda.

6. Folk games with WZC Sint-Job

We have already had 2 editions on it and I must say that we enjoy it as much as the participants. The reactions are great and the residential care staff always gets happy about this as well. They see residents blossoming. That’s nice.
Besides, those who think they can win will probably come back from a bare journey. There is no age on folk games.

7. Smuljungle Party

Meanwhile, we are on our third edition. Those who joined us at the picnic table back in the day know that it is always a magically virtuous moment.
We will start in the morning with a forestdad at the Smuljungle, picnic together and toast to our third edition. Then we let Bart and Sieglinde surprise us. Music, culture, nature and, above all, lots of zen…

8. Geraardsbergen flea market and tour of Idea House.

You may notice but we are fraternizing with the Idea House. Why? You can do more with two than all by yourself. The Sunday flea market is a tradition and a good alibi to visit the Idea House. This listed building was saved from demolition by Marcel De Sloover. The history of this property makes you dizzy and gives you insights about the past and present. Stories we hate to lose.

Monastery wall Aalst

9. Leifruit pruning course.

This 4-part training course on leifruit pruning is given by Dieter Dewitte of Pomoko vzw. Very passionate pomologists who want to keep old fruit varieties alive. Leifruit is ideal for anyone with a small garden with or without a wall.

  • Sunday, May 19 full day
    (Theory + summer pruning practice)
  • Sunday, September 1 morning
  • January 2025 winter pruning

This training is paying (3x 33 euros or 99 euros in total) Places are limited. Being quick is the message Here is all the info.

10. Mindfullness in the Smuljungle

We all know that spending time in nature does us good, and a brisk walk makes you feel completely revived. A forest pool is something else entirely. There, it’s not about covering miles but mostly about dwelling on things. Some call it mindfulness in nature. I usually call it reactivating all your senses. Do you intersse to participate? We plan some session. Ideal is a Sunday morning when the city awakens from 9:30 a.m. to noon.

11.Fermentation Workshop

Our grandparents knew the tricks of the trade anyway but preserving foods by fermenting them is back in popularity. We know fermentation as a process in which bacteria, fungi and yeasts are used to make a food. Consider yogurt, beer and sauerkraut. But you can do much more with it. It’s important to know how it works, though. This workshop will be paid to reimburse the instructor.

12. Sunday, November 17 Art Day for Children

We are joining the National Children’s Art Day action. Our previous edition had the rain on but even that couldn’t bother us. Painting with rain is great and, by the way, a great tip if you still want to soak up the outdoors on a rainy day.

13. The shed – Sunday, May 28 open house

Op Zaterdag 27 Mei staan we op de Korte Keten markt en op Zondag 28 Mei gaan we terug ons standje bij de Loods bemannen.
Kom je meedoen? Altijd een fijne manier om nieuwe mensen te leren kennen en tot nu toe was dit altijd de meeste zonnige dag van mei… Dus dat belooft.

All our activities are as accessible as possible. But as you can see, for some workshops we ask for a fee to share the cost. We are not subsidized and all income goes to purchasing planting materials.

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