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Do plants have feelings?

Of course it’s my own reflex but maybe it does feel a bit crazy. I do catch myself from time to time that I do have a few trees that I regularly chat with. Looking at Trees are also my favorite activity when I’m driving my car. I think I just exchange ideas with them now I’m thinking about it.

But Monica Gagliano researched it. She is an Adjunct Professor of Evolutionary Ecology at the Biological Intelligence Lab (BI), at Southern Cross University, an Adjunct Research Professor at the University of Western Australia & a Research Affiliate at the Sydney Environment Institute, University of Sydney. So a mouth full.

This Mimosa Pudica is one of the most sensitive plants that react quickly when touched. Monica went on to experiment and dropped them about 60 times in a row via a kind of ‘free fall’ machine. But she always made sure the landing was super soft. Over time, the plants realized they were safe. They stopped responding.

The Cognitive Knowledge of Plants is a totally new and exciting area of research aimed at experimentally testing the cognitive abilities of plants, including perception, learning processes, memory, and consciousness. This research can have many implications for the way we perceive plants because we prefer to draw a line between animals and plants.

You can read more about it in her book or take a look at her website.

The new concepts and perspectives emerging from this research into plant life encourage a truly interdisciplinary dialogue between a range of academic disciplines, including science, philosophy, environmental law, literature, and of course…the arts!

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